Instructions for Reviewers


Guidelines (Short Version):

Once a reviewer has received an assignment, logged in and accepted the review assignment, the reviewer will move to Step 2 of the Review Page, and can following these guidelines. 

1. Right Click on the following link to the Reflections Dropbox page and chose Open in a New Tab in order to download a Microsoft Word Copy of the Review Form (no log-in necessary): 

2. Scroll down to bottom of page and press Continue and proceed to Step 3. Download and Review, from where the reviewer should download and save the manuscript to be reviewed. 

3. Write your review answers in the downloaded Word file 

4. Return here (login again if necessary) and paste the answers into each element of the form (do not attach it)

5. Scroll to the bottom, choose your Review Recommendation, and click Submit.

6. Proceed to 4. Completion and finish the process.

If you have any difficulty, email for prompt assistance or go to 3. Download and Review, scroll down and use Discussions to contact the editors.

Guidelines (More information)

* Do not press Go Back or that material will be lost from the form. 

* To see these Review Guidelines again, open a new tab in your browser and see a copy under Announcements, Instructions for Reviewers. 

* Please don't attach the Word document to your review.  This introduces the possibility that the author could see metadata revealing your identity. 

* If you have made marginal comments on the manuscript you would like to attach, you may do so, but please be sure to remove all metadata (Inspect Document, Remove Document Properties). 

* If you are having any technical difficulties, just email and you will receive prompt assistance, or click on 3 Download and Review, and use the Discussions link below to contact the editors. 

* For fuller instructions, you can see these official instructions from the Public Knowledge Project: or these fuller instructions from Reflections (which shouldn't be necessary to download unless you are running into problems: