Editorial Team

The Reflections Team

Editorial Leadership Team: Editor-in-Chief: Darlyne Bailey, PhD, LISW (Professor and Dean Emeritus; Director, Social Justice Initiative, Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research); Associate Editors: Monica Leisey, PhD (Salem State University); F. Ellen Netting, PhD (Virginia Commonwealth University); Assistant Editor: Kelly McNally Koney, MSSA

Section Editors: Jon Christopher Hall, PhD, LCSW (Practice, University of North Carolina Wilmington); Beth Lewis, DSW (Field Education, Bryn Mawr College, retired); D. Crystal Coles, PhD, LCSW (Research, Morgan State University), Arlene Reilly-Sandoval, DSW, LCSW (Teaching & Learning, Colorado State University-Pueblo)

Art Director: Robin Richesson (Professor of Art, California State University Long Beach)

2019-2022 Graduate Assitant & Copy Editor: Sarah A. Valek, BA, MSW CandidateĀ 

Assistants for Copyediting & Production: Madeleine Buhrow; Marty Dodig-Lamar, AA; Karla Seese, BSW, MSW Candidate


Publishing Partners: University of Georgia School of Social Work; Howard University School of Social Work; California State University Long Beach School of Social Work; Monmouth University School of Social Work

Executive Committee: Christopher A. Mallett (Cleveland State University), Chair; Jane McPherson (University of Georgia); Sandra Crewe (Howard University); Nancy Myers-Adams (California State University Long Beach); Robin Mama (Monmouth University); Darlyne Bailey (Editor-in-Chief, Ex-Officio)