Stories of Widespread Destruction and Unparalleled Human Resilience and Response

    The editors are interested in stories from flood, hurricane, and fire survivors and their families and relatives of lost victims, first responders and rescue team members; volunteer neighborhood responders; health and human service direct providers, students and educators, and religious, government, political, and media personnel with direct experience in rescue efforts along with on-going work to restore communities and lives shattered by hurricanes, floods and fire.

  • Permanent Call for Proposals for Special Themed Sections


    See here for the journal's Call for Proposals for Special Themed Sections: http://tinyurl.com/yaywko5j

    See here for a link to a blank Proposal to complete: http://tinyurl.com/ybevx9sz

    This Call has no deadline, it is an ongoing permanent call. 

    Please ignore the two links embedded inthe Call for Proposals, they are to a dropbox public folder link that is not good after 9/1/17 due to changed dropbox policies.  For the above links, just click download, no need to sign in.

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  • Permanent Call for General Submissions and Call for Narratives on Field Education, Historical Reflections, Teaching Reflections, and Research Reflections


    Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping is a double-blind peer reviewed open-access interdisciplinary journal that has been published since 1995. We are also carried online by both Proquest Research Library and EBSCO SocIndex.

    This is an open call for narratives as well as for submissions to our sections on Field Education, Teaching Reflections, Historical Reflections, and Research Reflections. Reflections narratives convey interpersonal interactions, witnessed events, and felt experiences. Rooted in the rich portrayal of key moments, this narrative content is conveyed via vignettes. This narrative content is placed within the context of a well-told story (exposition) that helps readers discover new ways of thinking about the personal, the professional, and the political in our lives. Authors then often reflect on that story and share conclusions. Often, however, the narrative stands alone, which in a way is powerful.

    General submissions to Reflections use this narrative method to present narratives of professional helping – broadly construed to include work with clients and communities and activism by helping professionals engaged in social justice work. Such articles are valuable for education for practice. They also contribute to empirical knowledge about the nature of practice in the helping professions. Finally, they often make important conceptual contributions via reflections that address unresolved theoretical problems. In addition the above general call for narratives, Reflections has established fully peer-reviewed special sections. Articles published in these sections still employ the narrative method, but often do not include content on professional practice with clients and communities per se. When choosing to submit an article, authors should consider whether they should make a general submission or submit to one of the following sections. The journal reserves the right to notify an author that their article has been assigned to one of these sections. Please feel free to consult the editor prior to submission:

     Field Education Section (Dr. Beth Lewis, Section Editor for Field Education): The process of field advisement and field instruction, as well as the experience of being a student in a practicum, can stimulate valuable narratives.

     Historical Reflections Section (Dr. Jon Chrisopher Hall, Editor): This section publishes narratives that reflect historically on people and events. Such articles are by or about helping professionals who have been engaged in micro or macro practice or social justice activism. The section will also continue the journal's tradition of publishing narrative interviews.

     Teaching Reflections (Dr. Arlene Reilly-Sandoval and Dr. Carol Langer, Editors): The notion of teaching practice, in other words of teaching as a form of practice, has long roots in social work. Also, the very first book on social work education, by Bertha Reynolds, was titled Teaching and Learning in the Practice of Social Work. This section will collect manuscripts by teachers and students that reflect on the process of teaching and learning, broadly construed. This section continues the journal's practice of publishing narrative accounts of classroom experiences, teaching innovations, civic engagement work, university-community partnerships, etc.

     Research Reflections (Dr. Julie Altman, Editor): Although Reflections does not publish research results or literature reviews, the journal has a long history of publishing narratives of the interpersonal aspects of the research process. This section will be devoted to such narratives.

    Please write a narrative in a style which makes sense to you, and submit it to Reflections. For feedback, even on an early idea for a narrative, please contact one of the editors. Submissions of any length – from short narratives focused on a single vignette to longer stories with multiple portrayals of interaction and references to the literature – are welcome (within the range of 1200-8000 words). For more information on submitting narratives, please feel free to contact the editor, Michael Dover of the Cleveland State University School of Social Work (reflections@csuohio.edu; 216-687-3564).

    To Submit: Register (chose Author Roles as Reader & Author). Then visit User Home, choose Author, and see the New Submission button. Be sure to select the appropriate General Submission or Special Section.

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  • Upcoming Issues!


    Upcoming Issues in Summer 2017 Include V22#3 Special Issue on Learning and Teaching (Carol Langer and Arlene Reilly-Sandoval, Guest Editors); V22#4 (General Submissions and Special Section Narratives, and in Volume 23 the Special Issue on Librarians as Helping Professionals (Laura Habat, Guest Editor) and the Special Issue on The Interconnections of Micro and Macro Practice (Darlyne Bailey and Melissa Emmerson, Guest Editors)!

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  • Online Issues Published

    Volume 18, numbers 2 and 3 (Spring and Summer, 2012) are now published.  See Current and Archives.  Registration is required and subscriptions are strongly encouraged.  See Subscriptions.  We are actively soliciting manuscripts and plan several issues early in 2014.  They are back-dated until we "catch up". Read more about Online Issues Published