Reflections has a new publishing home...


Dear Reflections Community, 

It is with great pleasure that we announce Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping has a new publishing home at the Salem State University School of Social Work!! The School of Social Work, along with Associate Dean and Reflections Publisher Beth Massaro, will collaborate with the Frederick E. Berry Library and departments across the University to continue Reflections multi-disciplinary commitment to individual and collective discovery and action through the power of narrative.  

Beth Massaro speaks about the transition this way: “Salem State University School of Social Work is honored to be stepping into the role of Publisher for Reflections. With all the challenges and changes we face today in our world, it is critical that we share our stories with each other and hear all voices from disciplines across the array of helping professions and from all social identities. We will continue that endeavor as Publisher of Reflections and strive to expand our opportunities to reach more readers, more contributors, and more supporters.” 

As of May 2023, Salem State University School of Social Work becomes only the third publishing institution in Reflections 28-year history!! From its inception in 1995 as started by Social Work Professor Sonia Leib Abels and her husband Paul Abels, through V18(1) in 2012, Reflections was published by California State University Long Beach School of Social Work. From May 2012 until May 2023, Cleveland State University School of Social Work published the journal, a tenure that spanned V18(2) through V28(3). We are forever grateful to our former publishers who helped Reflections become the journal it is today – and are excited about the journey ahead with Salem State University School of Social Work!!

Readers, authors, agencies, individual practitioners, and schools and programs of social work and other professional education programs are invited to serve as Friends of Reflections by making a tax deductible donation: We look forward to staying in touch with everyone who has contributed to ensure us all that Reflections remains as meaning “full” as it has been over the many years for our growing number of readers, reviewers, and authors. We thank you all!!  

Darlyne Bailey, PhD, LISW

Ellen Netting, PhD, MSSW
Associate Editor

Monica Leisey, PhD, MSW
Associate Editor

Kelly McNally Koney, MSSA
Assistant Editor

For questions or to get more information, please contact Beth Massaro, Publisher at and/or Darlyne Bailey, Editor- in- Chief at