Threats of the Beleaguered Administrator: Love, Mission, and Comaraderie


  • Amy R. Krentzman Long Island University—Brooklyn
  • Param Srikantia Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio
  • Joseph Chiechi Long Island University
  • Viet Dang Long Island University
  • Marcia Ellington Long Island University
  • Maurice Gattis, MSW Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Dana Gruber, MA Long Island University
  • Nicole Kuwahara Long Island University
  • Grace P. Lee Long Island University
  • Laura Segundo Long Island University


An attempt to reduce stress, headaches, and sleepless nights among students and staff in a university service-learning program, led to governance via the nine best practices described in this narrative. Using appreciative inquiry as the theoretical framework, current and former staff members were asked to tell stories of times when the service-learning program functioned at its best. Excerpts from the stories indicated that a number of the best practices helped set the stage for peak moments in the organization's history.


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Krentzman, A. R., Srikantia, P., Chiechi, J., Dang, V., Ellington, M., Gattis, MSW, M., Gruber, MA, D., Kuwahara, N., Lee, G. P., & Segundo, L. (2014). Threats of the Beleaguered Administrator: Love, Mission, and Comaraderie. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 12(2), 76–85. Retrieved from



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