Story Sharing, Violence Fatigue, and Moving Forward after Divorce: When Women Resist Being Defined by Their Tragedies

  • Vincenza Rose Marash Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, Missouri


Following from the premise that story sharing with similarly situated others surrounding salient life transitions is healing and empowering, this inquiry uncovered a provocative phenomenon referred to as "voice fatigue." According to project participants who were six mid-life members of a support circle for women undergoing marital dissolution, voice fatigue may occur over time when a woman amidst life transition grows tired of hearing her own pain-filled voice. Voice fatigue also may serve as an indicator that a transitional woman is ready to move forward in her healing process. Such healing is premised to occur via the dynamic shaping of a survivor's story, symbolizing a refusal to view oneself as a mere victim. Feminist psychotherapists may play an invaluable supportive role within this process, and are urged to collaborate with their female clients on their journey towards emotional and spiritual healing, growth, and transformation.

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