Allah, Kali, Jesus: Reflections on My Own and Respondents' Spirituality


  • Mahasweta M. Banerjee University of Kansas


While inquiring into the ways people cope with poverty-related issues, the author unexpectedly learned about the central role of spirituality in some respondents' lives. She reflects on the purpose, meaning, and significance of selected respondents' spiritual disclosures in relation to her Hindu beliefs and practices. It appears that despite religious differences, our belief in the guiding force of a protective power serves as a wellspring for resiliency, strength, and empowerment for us.


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Banerjee, M. M. (2014). Allah, Kali, Jesus: Reflections on My Own and Respondents’ Spirituality. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 11(3), 46–61. Retrieved from



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