A Research Journey to "Re-member": A Personal Narrative on Doing Research on Adolescent Girls' Life Situations in Hong Kong

  • Wai-fong Ting Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Situated in the positivistic paradigm of scientific research, the researcher is often expected to keep an aloof position in relation to the research subject and the research process in order to maintain objectivity and validity. This researcher's experience has informed her of an altemative. Rather than keeping a distance, research on the life situation of a group of adolescent girls has sparked a joumey of reminiscence during which the life of the researcher's deceased mother was remembered and their lives 're-membered.' In this narrative, the author uses this personal narrative as evidence to support her call for the revocation of the artificial 'divide' that is imposed upon the researcher, the research participants, and the research process.

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