Getting There is Half the Fun: Practitioners- as- Researchers and Vice- Versa

  • Ben Anderson-Nathe, Ph.D. Portland State University
  • Laura Abrams, Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles


In January of 2001, the authors of this narrative set out to conduct an ethnographic investigation into the culture of a correctional facility for juvenile male offenders. One of the researchers was primarily research driven, and the other more practice oriented, but both were highly familiar with this population and the setting. This narrative explores the unanticipated lessons learned about the fiuidity between research and practice lenses through the process of conducting this study. Through the relationships formed with the research participants, the authors came to appreciate how research and practice modalities and knowledge could truly complement and benefit one other. In this narrative, three interactions with research participants provide a foundation to explore the benefits of an integrated researcher-practitioner social work stance.
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