Thanksgiving: A Reflection on Personal and Professional Caregiving with Alzheimer’s

  • Elizabeth A Mulvaney University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work
Keywords: Professional Helping, Caregiving, Gerontology, Dementia Care


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) slowly debilitates those who experience it and shifts people, usually family members, into the role of caregivers.  Professional caregivers will have to become increasingly skilled in responding to Alzheimer’s disease to meet the needs of both the person with AD and family caregivers, as supporting family caregivers can result in increased well-being for the person with AD and delay in the use of higher levels of care.  Personal reflections about serving as both a family caregiver and a professional caregiver to persons with Alzheimer’s disease are used to think about how to improve and enhance professional caregiving when working with family caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.

Author Biography

Elizabeth A Mulvaney, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work