Black Men, White Teachers, White Colleagues: An Autoethnographic Triangulate of Racial Profiling Interaction and Closure

  • Stefan Battle Rhode Island College School of Social Work
Keywords: Racial Profiling, Relationships, Practice


Educationally, I use autoethnography as a method for teaching social work students to write self-narratives and to listen first to their own experiences, then to listen fully to their clients. Therefore, this qualitative, autobiographical article uses autoethnography to reconsider three decades of racially charged experiences, and how racial profiling affected me as a younger, and eventually older, Black male. Within the context of educating students of social work, this article examines three written self-narratives with reflexive responses as support, and it outlines how students can learn from this exercise.

Author Biography

Stefan Battle, Rhode Island College School of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work Program

Assistant Professor