Between Then and Now: My Coming, Being, and Staying in Urban/Rural Canada

  • Bharati Sethi Kings College, Western University
Keywords: rural, immigration, visible minority, community-based participatory research, poetry.


This article uses narrative and poetry to describe the author’s experiences of coming, being and staying in an urban-rural region in Ontario, Canada. Such rare reflective insider narratives are vital to understand newcomer integration in the milieu of immigrant dispersion from large urban centres (such as Toronto) to smaller communities. Immigrant integration requires genuine collaboration between academics, service providers and policy makers. It is only when we stop Othering those we consider ‘strangers’ that we can then create safe spaces where white, brown, black, and not-so-white bodies can live together in harmony, creating vibrant and inclusive communities.

Author Biography

Bharati Sethi, Kings College, Western University

Assistant ProfessorSchool of Social Work