Men and Miscarriage: An Insider’s Story from the Outside

  • Jeremy Brown University of New England
Keywords: men's studies, Miscarriage, miscarriage, Insider Research, grief, Grief and Loss, qualitative research, Relationships, grounded theory, pregnancy, insider research


This narrative is a story of the author’s experience of miscarriage from a father’s perspective combined with his role as an insider researcher qualitatively studying men’s experiences of miscarriage. The author explores the dimensions of being an insider and outsider in the role of a father of miscarried children as well as in the role of a researcher. This is also a story of discovering how disenfranchised death separates us and has the potential to connect us. Lastly, this is a revelation about the unexpected disconnection that stems from being an insider

Author Biography

Jeremy Brown, University of New England
Adjunct Professor in School of Social Work at the University of New England