Supervisor and Intern Reflections on a Year of Research: Why it Worked


  • Erica Danya Goldblatt Hyatt Bryn Athyn College
  • Brandon Donald Good Bryn Athyn College


research, research internship, undergraduate supervision, research narrative, undergraduate internships, mentorship


Explorations on the relationship between undergraduate research assistants and their supervisors have yielded often conflicting results, sometimes indicating that these relationships are highly rewarding and beneficial to both parties while, at other times, suggesting that undergraduate assistants do little more than drain faculty time with few relevant contributions to the actual projects (Potter, Abrams, Townson, & Williams, 2000). This article focuses on a narrative of both supervisor and research assistant experiences working in an internship setting over the course of one academic year, and on perceptions regarding why the relationship was productive and enhanced the teaching and learning of both parties involved.

Author Biographies

Erica Danya Goldblatt Hyatt, Bryn Athyn College

Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt is an assistant professor and department chair of psychology at Bryn Athyn College. Her current research focuses on formal hospice caregivers of the underserved as well as the final words of the dying. She is the author of Grieving for the Sibling You Lost (New Harbinger Publications, 2015).

Brandon Donald Good, Bryn Athyn College

Brandon Good is a junior undergraduate student at Bryn Athyn College majoring in psychology. He hopes to pursue a graduate degree in neuroscience.




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