Introduction to the Special Issue: Family of Origin: Reflections on Practice

  • Lloyd L. Lyter
Keywords: family of origin, social work practice, adoption, alcoholism, deaf, war, Christian faith, secular Judaism, Holocaust, coming out, queer, child sexual abuse, genocide, Rwanda, death, single parenting


Our own family histories, including relationships with our grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren, have impacted, and continue to impact, our own evolving narratives. Because of all of this, we knew we would get a rich and broad range of narrative submissions. We have decided to allow each story to stand alone, making no attempt at grouping them, simply presenting them in the order we received the manuscripts. The breadth of the stories is great, the depth as well. The authors’ stories tell tales that respect their own families of origin and have value to those of us who are being honored to read them.

Author Biography

Lloyd L. Lyter


School of Social Work