From Values to Passion to Enlivened Practice: A Palette of Possibilities


  • Elizabeth Keenan Southern Connecticut State University


macro practice, Micro Practice, social justice, Macro Practice, social work methods, Well-Being, social work practice, Social Justice, values


This narrative offers a palette of possibilities for linking micro and macro practices that arose from interviews with social workers who were viewed as addressing the profession’s dual purpose of individual well-being and social justice in their practice. I begin with my own experiences and desires to link micro and macro together as a clinical social worker and community organizer. An interlude describing the way the social workers stretched my thinking comes in between the themes. I conclude with a final reflection on the impact of their stories and implications for future research and practice.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Keenan, Southern Connecticut State University

Elizabeth King Keenan, Ph.D., LCSW, is professor, Department of Social Work, Southern Connecticut State University. Her practice experiences include clinical social work and community organizing.




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