Realigning Macro and Micro Social Work After Tragedy


  • Yvette Savwoir Bradford Not currently affiliated with institution


macro social work, Relationships, mezzo social work, Micro & Macro Practice, micro social work, Collaboration, outcomes, Coalition, quality improvement, realignment, trauma


To fulfill its institutional mission while engaging and retaining committed staff, social service organizations must create an optimal balance of micro and macro social work. This became more obvious while helping my organization recover after a devastating event that threatened its very existence. With its diverse array of programs, Agency X, where I directed quality improvement, faced a daunting challenge. Agency survival required restructuring policies, practices, and direct services. Despite its history of innovative and effective programs, and its reputation for enhancing lives as well as systems, the agency was forced to face public scrutiny and declining employee trust. The following narrative describes the aftermath and recovery for this organization through a realignment of macro and micro social work.

Author Biography

Yvette Savwoir Bradford, Not currently affiliated with institution

Retired Director of Quality Improvement and Training. Prior positions include Vice President for Programs, Senior Planner, Program Consultant, and Social Worker. Field Instructor for 30 MSW students.

Master of Law and Social Policy and Master of Social Service, Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.






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