Herd to Horse: A Focus from Macro to Micro, Lessons from the Nokota® Horse


  • Christine Carapico McGowan Owner of Nokota Preserve


Nokota® horse, Human Needs, Chief Sitting Bull, equine wisdom, equine language, non-verbal communication, herd mentality, equine therapy


The Preserve for Nokota® horses in Chester Springs, PA was founded in 2011 to celebrate the Nokota® breed of North Dakota, their remarkable personalities, and their exquisite, intimate language. The focus of The Preserve is to share the unique qualities and universal language of the Nokota® horse to ignite well-being, confidence, and partnership in human beings. The Preserve is where individuals learn to share in school, community, family or employee teams with authenticity, curiosity and clear leadership. It is shown through the wisdom of the horse communicating within the “herd.” Join hands and hooves of the human and horse to create one magical herd with “one head and one tail.”
We treasure the gifts shared by the Nokota® horse at The Preserve in Chester Springs: Those gifts heal hearts, minds, souls—the replacement of addiction with passion and anxiety with calm, positively embracing harmony and peace and partnership, all taught from the language of the horse within its herd.   Nokota® is a registered trademark of Nokota Horse Conservancy, Inc.

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Christine Carapico McGowan, Owner of Nokota Preserve




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