Reflections on the Election of Donald Trump: Uninspired and Inspired Responses from a Social Work Faculty Member

  • Jeffrey Dale Thompson Austin Peay State University
Keywords: policy, Policy, vulnerable populations, and Donald Trump., social work values, collaborating, researching, understanding, teaching, serving, advocating, reflecting, integrity, relationships, social justice, competence, dignity and worth of the individual, Donald Trump


This narrative account is a chronology of events beginning November 8, 2016 and culmination June 1, 2017 with the submission of this narrative. The events illustrate some of my own personal perspectives and responses to the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency. These perspectives and responses evolved as I personally came to grips with the reality of this administration and the potential for policy initiatives negatively impacting vulnerable populations. This evolution is illustrated with the use of seven key terms associated with the six core values of the social work profession: collaborating, researching, understanding, teaching, serving, advocating, and reflecting.

Author Biography

Jeffrey Dale Thompson, Austin Peay State University

APSU Social Wok Deparemt, Assistant Professor.

The Aftermath of Historical Events