Constructing a Deconstruction: Reflections on Dismantling Racism


  • Bronwyn Cross-Denny
  • Ashleigh Betso
  • Emily Cusick
  • Caitlin Doyle
  • Mikaela Marbot
  • Shauna Santos-Dempsey


Racism; Human Diversity; Cultural Competence; Social Justice


The article is a reflective narrative regarding the work I do as an ally for change and social justice as a white woman. In my class on Human Diversity and Social Justice, I often discuss how I can use my white privilege to advance social justice to address racism. Several students who have taken the class offer their own reflections on taking the class. Relevant information from the literature is provided to ground the discussion and includes cultural competence, racism, white privilege, and racial identity development. Strategies for deconstructing racism are discussed.




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Cross-Denny, B., Betso, A., Cusick, E., Doyle, C., Marbot, M., & Santos-Dempsey, S. (2017). Constructing a Deconstruction: Reflections on Dismantling Racism. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 21(3), 10–18. Retrieved from