Reflections on a Therapeutic Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for Three U.S. Service Members and One Civilian

  • Tracey Marie Barnett
Keywords: wellness program, process recording, healthy lifestyle intervention, obesity, motivation


In this narrative, I describe the experiences of three male military service members: 44-year-old African American, 36 year-old Hispanic American, 30-year-old European American and one 28-year-old civilian African American male and my interactions with them. All four men joined a 12-week health, wellness, and financial literacy program operating under the umbrella of a social work clinical research setting in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metropolis. They all had the same goal of losing weight, but for different reasons. Although two accomplished their weight loss goals, and one of those two lowered his blood and glucose levels, the other two learned healthy lifestyle changes that I hope will be forever implanted in their hearts as they continue their journeys to ideal cardiovascular health.