Introduction to the Special Issue on Mentoring in the Helping Professions


  • Mark J. Hager
  • Jennifer Bellamy


dyadic master-apprentice relationship, developmental networks, mentoring, reciprocal learning, cultural dimensions of mentoring


The narratives included in this special edition on Mentoring in the Helping Professions expand the concept of mentoring beyond a traditional dyadic master-apprentice relationship to include developmental networks of relationships across personal and professional spaces. The mentoring relationships represented here reflect the broad diversity of mentoring relationships between and among students, faculty, practitioners, and even animals. Yet, these narratives also return to many of the same key themes including gratitude, reciprocal learning, role transitions from mentee to mentor, cultural dimensions of mentoring, and interactions between environment and mentoring relationships. We hope that these reflections enliven an ongoing conversation about mentoring in the field of social work, given the critical role of these relationships and their potential to inspire and support social workers across their professional lifespan.




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