Allies Rising: Stepping Forward in a Time of White Nationalism

  • Ashley-Marie Hanna Daftary University of Nevada, Reno
Keywords: white nationalism, racism, anti-oppressive practice, immigration, white supremacy, Dreamers, nativism


In the wake of rising white nationalism targeting immigrants, social workers and helping professionals must re evaluate their professional identities and their daily practice. Today, we are met with a challenge that requires a new approach. This approach requires all helping professionals to actively tackle an ideology of white supremacy that has been ever present in the United States. Although many historically disenfranchised communities have been aware of and actively work against this ideology, I and other white helping professionals have been visibly absent to this reality and the fight against white supremacy for far too long.

This article outlines my personal and professional response to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and his approach to immigration. This includes steps I have taken in my role of an aspiring ally, dedicated to becoming more involved in social justice efforts and the fight against the racist and nativist policies, practices and discourse in the United States.

The Aftermath of Historical Events