Back to College During Hurricane Recovery

Faculty and Students Navigating the New Semester Together

  • Grace Loudd
  • Nicole Willis Texas Southern University
  • Needha Boutté-Queen Texas Southern University
Keywords: disaster recovery, higher education, student transition


The arrival of Hurricane Harvey brought a city to a stand-still, leaving unforeseen destruction in its wake. As based on the perspective of three social work educators, this narrative recalls the process of not only experiencing the storm but also a need for creatively finding ways to transform despair into opportunities for growth. Significant and specialized organizational resources are often necessary for post-disaster recovery; however, everyone, including faculty, can play equally important roles in helping one another and students transition back to campus after the disaster. The authors conclude with six key recommendations faculty members from all disciplines can utilize and integrate into post-disaster recovery efforts.

Author Biographies

Nicole Willis, Texas Southern University

Nicole Willis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at Texas Southern University.

Needha Boutté-Queen, Texas Southern University

Needha Boutte-Queen is a Full Professor of Social Work and Department Chair at Texas Southern University.