Accompanying the Migrant and Refugee: Reflections on Resilience

Keywords: migration, refugees, trauma, resilience


Abstract: Traditional helping models have concerned themselves with assisting, fixing, and, at best, serving the client. While this may suffice for conventional circumstances, accompanying those whom we serve informs us more deeply of their lived experiences. This opens new perspectives in working with those who experience great adversity. The authors learned this strategy over a decade of work serving migrants and refugees from Mexico and Central America. It can be a useful strategy with a wide variety of client partners.

Author Biographies

Mark Lusk, University of Texas at El Paso

Professor & Provost's Faculty Fellow

Department of Social Work

University of Texas at El Paso

Perla Chaparro, University of Texas at El Paso

Gaduate Research Assistant

Department of Social Work

The University of Texas at El Paso