Cultural Humility & Gender Identity


  • Julia Sadusky Regent University
  • Mark Yarhouse Regent University


cultural humility, gender, gender identity, narrative therapy


A cultural humility framework has been an essential expansion of our understanding of multicultural therapy. This approach integrates the best of psychological research, clinical application, and attendance to how individual and community values inform the work of therapy. Adopting cultural humility frees us to take on a posture of accompaniment. It also has challenged us to recognize potential factors to consider in light of each person’s worldview, values, and experiences of oppression without reducing a client’s experiences to that of others who may come from similar dimensions of diversity. This is especially valuable in our work with transgender and gender non-binary clients, who have unfortunately been underrepresented in research. Cultural humility as a foundation has allowed for clinical work, training, and advocacy that meets the needs of diverse clients and allows us to learn a great deal from those whose stories we have had the honor to hear.




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Cultural Humility in Education and Practice