Proceeding with Caution: Integrating Cultural Humility into Multicultural Supervision Practices with Master-Level Counseling Students

  • Jonique Remisia Childs Assistant Professor
Keywords: cultural competence, cultural humility, intentionality, multicultural supervision


Based on my experience as a minority supervisor working with culturally different students in training, I write to reflect on my experiences of employing multicultural supervision sessions for sixteen weeks to help prepare future school counselors. This reflection’s goal is to show my intentional efforts to minimize subtle racial differences in the training of master-level counseling students. Using the social justice and advocacy framework as a foundation, I applied applications of awareness, knowledge, and skills while demonstrating cultural humility. Reflecting back on the insightful semester, I was able to create a cultural dynamic that included using self-awareness, collaboration, and intentionality with the ability to proceed with caution for cross-cultural supervision training practices.

Cultural Humility in Education and Practice