Exploring Cultural Humility and Online Programs: Mid-Career Academics and Changing Times

  • Wendy Elizabeth Sellers Winthrop University
  • Joshua Kirven Winthrop University
Keywords: cultural humility, intersectionality, academia and change, online learning


This article will explore the evolution of two mid-career academics in their growth and understanding of online education. The perspectives are similar in that both contributors have over a decade of experience in academia. The authors explore the shared identity of mid-career academia while at the same time exploring the differences in this identity based on the intersectionality of race, gender, and class. This reflection will trace the journey of two social work professors from their entry into higher education to the evolution of perspectives and letting go of preconceived biases and expectations regarding the future of social work education. Ultimately, the authors infuse the African tradition of Sankofa in exploring cultural humility and online learning. Through this lens, the authors affirm the importance of moving forward and looking back. The article provides fresh perspectives for other seasoned professors who are struggling to make meaning in an ever-changing world of technology.

Cultural Humility in Education and Practice