My White Rootedness: A Testimonio


  • Julie Cooper Altman California State University Monterrey Bay


cultural humility, testimonio, self-reflection


This manuscript was developed as a testimonio at the end of an intensive cooperative learning project that was held at the author's Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). For ten weeks, seven of the faculty at that institution met as a group to read literature on the power and possibilities of HSIs, to discuss what their experiences were at their institution and what those experiences meant to them, and to invest their interest in co-creating a framework that might elicit a vision for their institution for the future. A testimonio sometimes serves the purpose of promoting justice from the inside out as people work to (re)build community(ies) with personal narratives. Within the testimonio tradition, secret or guarded roles are shared in essays or stories, in which one is safe to self-reflect, to write about one’s personal life, and to reflect on the future.




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Cultural Humility in Education and Practice