Cultivating Lifelong Commitments to Cultural Humility in an Undergraduate Study-Abroad Program


  • Mandy L. Kellums Baraka Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) Program
  • Laura S. Meitzner Yoder
  • Alex H. Jones
  • James G. Huff


cultural humility, study abroad, lifelong learning, intercultural education


Cultural humility has become an important framework for engagement in a multi-disciplinary, undergraduate, six-month study abroad program at a Midwest Christian university. Students in the program intern with partner organizations that respond to social and environmental issues, including injustice, discrimination, marginalization, and bias at all system levels. In this brief narrative, the authors reflect upon why the program staff chose cultural humility as the preferred framework for learning and engagement with students and how that framework is implemented throughout the program. The authors begin with a short overview of the program, giving particular attention to the curricular elements. Then, the authors briefly acknowledge the selection of cultural humility over cultural competence in the training and mentorship of students. Finally, the authors conclude with a description of how cultural humility is applied as a posture of interaction with students, and they provide examples of how cultural humility fosters collaborative learning in the context of accompaniment in students’ preparation for an international internship and for lifelong learning in a variety of settings and circumstances.




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Kellums Baraka, M. L., Meitzner Yoder, L. S., Jones, A. H. ., & Huff, J. G. (2019). Cultivating Lifelong Commitments to Cultural Humility in an Undergraduate Study-Abroad Program. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 25(1), 42–48. Retrieved from



Cultural Humility in Education and Practice