Personal Narrative of Narratives: Writing to Understand the Art of Narrative Essay

  • Rebecca Krenz
Keywords: narrative, personal, professional, student, Reflections, vulnerable, tender exchange


I, a graduate assistant for Reflections, write a personal narrative about my experience reading the archives of the journal’s published narratives. Given the task of looking for good narrative examples, starting with the most recent issue and reading my way back, I identify narratives that speak to me. Still parsing out the difference between narrative and exposition, I write in narrative style about the narratives and my reflections on them. In the process, I share my experience grappling with feelings of incompetency, inadequacy, frustration, and fear, along with my own growing understanding of the nature of narrative. In writing about this collection of narrative gems, found in Reflections between 2014–2018, the hope was to help prospective authors create their own way of merging their clinical experience with the narrative world.