The COVID-19 Crisis and Homeschooling: A Reflection of a Parent, a Teacher, and a Scholar

  • Daniela Fontenelle-Tereshchuk University of Calgary
Keywords: remote learning, COVID-19 crisis, mental health, education


This article reflects my perceived experiences as a female parent, teacher, and scholar in the province of Alberta during the COVID-19 crisis. Such a crisis has impacted education worldwide, and “homeschooling” has become forcibly popular to prevent the community spread of the coronavirus. Overnight, homes became the new school environment. Classroom teachers had to adjust their teaching approaches to accommodate the new reality of working from home, often relying on technology. Parents suddenly became teacher aides, and students were required to take on a new level of responsivity towards becoming distant learners, a more independent role. This article offers an insight into the emerging branching of the concept “homeschooling” into “home-learning,” seeking to conceptualize it and instigate further conversations around teaching and learning. Ultimately, I hope to encourage more studies, perhaps using what we know about homeschooling as a baseline to further investigate this new, COVID-19-ignited educational approach.

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