Reflections: The Relational Practice of Teaching and Learning

  • Meaghan Dougherty Douglas College
Keywords: relational pedagogy, social service workers, school-to-work transition, ethics of care


In this essay, I reflect upon how research I conducted on social service workers’ transition from post-secondary education to work has influenced my approach to teaching and learning. Drawing parallels to my own transition experiences, I examine how key findings from the research—including transition being a continual process, “not knowing” being an asset, and the importance of truly “being with” others—have important implications for relational practice and pedagogy. Reflecting on my developing approach to teaching and learning, I encourage educators to rethink the importance of relational processes in educational encounters. Critically questioning our role as educators generates possibilities for social change; we can disrupt ideas about education which are taken for granted and transgress dominant ways of “being” in the classroom.

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