Black Males’ Plight to Breathe in America—Black Racial Injustice


  • Darrin E. Wright Clark Atlanta University


structural racism, Psychology of Cruelty, historical trauma, Black Males, Afrocentric perspective, equity, inclusion


In this reflective narrative, I discuss the Black Male’s plight to breathe in America; that is to live in the world, be creative, and exercise agency of self in the face of structural racism and White supremacy. Furthermore, I discuss the Psychology of Cruelty and how this mindset and its actions impact the overall well-being of Black Males. Finally, this reflection provides practical corrective social action in the form of societal engagement to address structural racism and White supremacy through an Afrocentric Perspective in social work practice to bring about policy advocacy and change so Black Males might breathe freely in America.




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Wright, D. E. (2022). Black Males’ Plight to Breathe in America—Black Racial Injustice. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 28(2), 82–86. Retrieved from



Black Racial Injustice: Personal Reflections to Change Strategies