Kindergarten to PhD: How Anti-Black Racism Shaped My Educational Experiences


  • LaShawnda N. Fields University of Arkansas


equity in education, inclusive cultures, tenacity, cultural sensitivity, White supremacy


I was introduced to anti-Black racism and robbed of my childhood innocence very early in my academic journey. From kindergarten through the completion of my doctorate degree, I have had to manage my responses to and navigate a system built to sustain White supremacy while seeking academic excellence. In this narrative, I share some of the barriers and triumphs of my educational journey. The lack of inclusion I constantly dealt with led me to question my abilities and self-worth. My current scholarship serves as an opportunity to intervene and disrupt these oppressive systems so others can potentially have more equitable experiences. Over several decades and a variety of professional and personal experiences impacted by anti-Black racism, I am working towards dismantling White supremacy within social work education. Finally, I proffer ways in which individuals and institutions can work to commit to anti-racism policies and practices.




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Black Racial Injustice: Personal Reflections to Change Strategies