Reflecting on Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Supervisors


  • Nanette I. Fleischer Four Bridges Social Work Services


clinical , supervision , psychotherapy, therapist , patient, social worker


The quality and content of Clinical Supervision is heavily influenced by the personal and professional perspectives of Clinical Supervisors. The Psychotherapy experience for patients therefore is directly influenced by the clinical supervision their therapists are receiving. This article will remind Clinical Supervisors of their duties and expectations their title as Clinical Supervisor affords them while hopefully bringing awareness to provide Clinical Supervision with an objective, interactive, and corroborative learning style while correcting and/or adjusting the content they are providing and exactly how they are providing it in clinical supervision

Author Biography

Nanette I. Fleischer, Four Bridges Social Work Services

I am a Clinical Director, an experienced Clinical Psychotherapist, Board Certified Diplomate (BCD), Credentialed Academy Certified Social Worker (ACSW), Clinical Supervisor, and SIFI Certified Field Instructor.  




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