Is Bracketing Realistic without Reflexivity? A Conversation between Doctoral Students



qualitative research, bracketing, reflectivity, identity, reflection


This paper offers a narrative of two doctoral students’ understandings of the relationship between bracketing and reflexivity, building on Baksh’s 2018 reflection on the tensions between them. Sharing our personal experiences led us to recognize our assumptions and challenge each other to unlearn and reconceptualize our initial understanding of bracketing. We emphasize the importance of reflexivity as an ongoing process and point out the dangers of attempting to bracket without first recognizing the impact of our own positionalities and experiences. We conclude our paper with tips for reflexivity to provide support for researchers who are navigating similar tensions.

Author Biographies

Carly Charron, University of Windsor

Carly M. Charron, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W. is currently pursuing doctoral studies in social work at the University of Windsor. She is passionate about helping people overcome challenges related to mental health, self-perception, stigma, and relationships through both research and practice. Her current research focus is related to mitigating mental health disparities for men. 

Samina Singh, University of Windsor

Samina K. Singh, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., J.D. is currently a first-year student in the PhD program at the School of Social Work at the University of Windsor. She strives for a career of advocacy to make a meaningful difference within and beyond her community by bringing an interdisciplinary approach to individual and systemic problems through her studies in psychology, religious studies, social work, and law. Specifically, social work has taught her how to politicize an individual’s problem and view their concerns through a ‘person in environment’ lens, while her legal education taught her how to apply the law to create systemic change to impact individual lives. During her free time, she enjoys being an aunt, reading, binge watching crime series, and copious amounts of caffeine. 




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