Reflections from the Editorial Team: Recognizing & Valuing Our Peer Reviewers


  • Darlyne Bailey
  • Monica Leisey
  • F. Ellen Netting
  • Kelly McNally Koney


alternative methods, justice, peer review, trauma, violence


Reflections Volume 27 number 2 includes an update from the Editorial Leadership Team and Editorial Board. We follow this update with our collective thoughts about how important it is to recognize the value of our incredible reviewers whose behind-the-scenes, time-consuming work is critical to the journal’s success. We are excited to introduce seven engaging articles in which the authors evoke a wide range of emotions and three poetry submissions that illustrate how creatively diverse the concept of poetry can be. The interface of personal and professional selves is interwoven throughout this issue as authors share their insights about how to prepare the next generation of helping professionals to embrace alternative forms of meaning-making, often in the face of traumatic life events. We hope readers will be as delighted as we are with the creativity and imagery emerging within the pages of this issue!




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Bailey, D., Leisey, M., Netting, F. E., & McNally Koney, K. (2021). Reflections from the Editorial Team: Recognizing & Valuing Our Peer Reviewers. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 27(2), 4–9. Retrieved from



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