Supporting Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda: Muse and Reflections from the Activities of Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO), 1994-2010

  • Eric Awich Ochen Makerere University
  • Robert Okeny Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO)


The protracted war in Northern Uganda has had devastating consequences on the communities within the region. This ranges from social disruptions, internal displacement of communities, socio-economic regression and virtual lack of government services in large areas of the affected region. However, one of the most significant effects of the war has been on the psychosocial and socio-cultural well-being of children. Since the beginning of the war, an estimated 30,000 children have been abducted by the rebels to be used as flghters, sex slaves, laborers, porters and human shields. Thousands more have also been affected through disruptions in their education, sociocultural socialization and accessibility to social services. In this narrative, the authors reflect on their activities as social workers within GUSCO in receiving formerly abducted children, supporting their recovery and rehabilitation, and reinserting them within the conflict-affected community. "Children^ are the angels of the family/home. " - African Proverb

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