In the Quiet Space: Inner Quiet as a Community Resource

  • Peter Mond MA, Tel Hai College, Galilee, and In the Quiet Space Center, Tsfat, Israel
  • Pamela Mond MA, In the Quiet Space Center, Tsfat, Israel


In this narrative, the authors examine the use of inner quiet and how it can serve various populations in the community as a coping resource in time of need. In a modern world that is confusing, insecure, noisy, and rapidly changing, the lack of inner anchors exposes populations in need to many pressures. They describe how the "In the Quiet Space" program has taught self-calming coping skills to a client with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; a holocaust survivor and bereaved mother; a foster mother; social workers; drama therapists and a child care leader This is a program that is useful to both children and adults, and to clients of various social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The testimonies of these clients suggest the need for more quiet spaces in the community. Note that pseudonyms are used to describe their clients ' experiences in order to protect their privacy.
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