The Journey of a Real Social Worker

  • Manako Yabe University of Illinois at Chicago
Keywords: deafness, identity, advocacy, family, education, role model


A personal narrative explores the author’s life from infancy to the present time in which she is a social worker. The author was born deaf, and her hearing parents’ strong passion and desire for better Deaf education for her she and her deaf brother led the family to move from a rural district in Japan to the international cities of Tokyo, Atlanta, and London. The author’s unforgettable inspiration from the years that she spent in Atlanta and London became her motivation to enter the path of social work and choose her post-secondary education in America. The author earned her Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies and her Master’s degree of Social Work as the first Deaf female member in her family.

Author Biography

Manako Yabe, University of Illinois at Chicago

Doctoral Student, Disability Studies

Department of Disability and Human Development