“Women don’t have a right”: Reflections on translating a US intimate partner violence curriculum to India

  • Samantha Wyman The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Regina T. Praetorius The University of Texas at Arlington
Keywords: intimate partner violence, curriculum, women, domestic violence, India


The following narrative, written by an MSW student with the guidance of her research professor, presents an autoethnographic narrative of her experiences in facilitating a 4-day training in India. The training was to assist women and church leaders in learning how to help fellow Indians in dealing with intimate partner violence. The narrative includes struggles with translating US conceptualization of how to address intimate partner violence to the Indian culture and a discussion of how these struggles help the social work profession better plan for future endeavors such as this one

Author Biographies

Samantha Wyman, The University of Texas at Arlington
MSW Student
Regina T. Praetorius, The University of Texas at Arlington
Associate Professor of Social Work