Social Worker, Therapist, Burner: The Journey of the Wounded Healer


  • Andrea L. B.


This narrative explores the author's experiences as a professional social worker and a member of a local "Burning Man" community. The author's experiences in becoming a wounded healer are summarized. The "Burning Man" festival and subculture are briefly explained. The intersection of these two facets of identity generates benefits and challenges. Benefits include closure on the journey of the wounded healer, congruent aspects of Burner culture and social work values, and increased therapeutic efficacy. Particular challenges include potential unintended overexposure of clients to therapist's personal material and discrimination against members of a somewhat controversial subculture. Potential ethical resolutions of the inherent dilemmas are explored.

Author Biography

Andrea L. B.

Andrea L. B., LCSW, SEP
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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B., A. L. (2014). Social Worker, Therapist, Burner: The Journey of the Wounded Healer. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 15(2), 40–48. Retrieved from



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