"I Was In Foster Care, Too." One Social Worker's Journey From Promise to Practice


  • J. Jay Miller Social Service Clinician


This narrative describes one social worker's journey through the child welfare system and the use of personal disclosure in practice context. First, the author describes how he came to be in foster care and the experiences that led to the "promise" of being a social worker. Next, the author discusses the fulfillment of this promise and the beginning of his work in Child Protective Services. Finally, this narrative explores the positive and negative aspects of personal disclosure in social work practice.


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Miller, J. J. (2014). "I Was In Foster Care, Too." One Social Worker’s Journey From Promise to Practice. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 15(2), 90–94. Retrieved from https://reflectionsnarrativesofprofessionalhelping.org/index.php/Reflections/article/view/880



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