Infusing Feminist-Clinical Sensibilities into Traditional Buddhist Meditation


  • Vincenza Rose Marash Missouri Western State University
  • Russ Phillips Missouri Western State University


The authors felt moved to write this narrative so as to share with other practitioners and participants of mindfulness and meditation activities their evolving motivations, insights, experiences—and challenge—surrounding the facilitation of such a circle at their university campus. Vincenza is employed as the Diversity and Women's Issues Counselor at this institution, while Russ serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Given that the authors' mindfulness and meditation circle unfolded as a dynamic process—through "doing" and through ensuing conversation between themselves, as well as with their circle participants—and because this process varied experientially for each individual, the authors render their ideas in the form of a series of reflections. They ultimately frame their perspectives within a fully collaborative vision that they deem Feminist-Buddhist.


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Marash, V. R., & Phillips, R. (2014). Infusing Feminist-Clinical Sensibilities into Traditional Buddhist Meditation. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 14(2), 67–74. Retrieved from



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