Time Taken as a Caring Family


  • Susan Steiger-Tebb
  • F. Robert Steiger


Viewing caregiving from both a personal and professional angle has given the family in the following narrative a
more holistic and realistic view of the role of family caregiver. "Dad," who lived caregiving on a daily basis, offers
wisdom from experience for those facing the prospect of giving full-time (or part-time) care to loved ones. Their
personal caregiving experience has helped the author as a social worker see that all kinds of interventions and
choices need to be available to those who are caring for a loved one.


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Steiger-Tebb, S., & Steiger, F. R. (2014). Time Taken as a Caring Family. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 14(3), 37–46. Retrieved from https://reflectionsnarrativesofprofessionalhelping.org/index.php/Reflections/article/view/941



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