Mentoring and Mania in Qulaitative Research

  • Susan Saltzburg Ohio State University
  • Pamela A. Richmond Millersville University


While growing numbers of social work scholars have embraced and endorsed qualitative research as a viable methodology for rigorous investigative scholarship, providing doctoral students with a program of coursework that equals the curricula of quantitative research is still lacking for many schools of social work. The authors found a way to bridge this educational gap by forming a mentoring alliance founded on the constructivist concept of mutual collaboration through dialogic discussion. As such, the student voice evokes reflective recollections of the faculty mentor's own experience in learning qualitative methods. This, combined with the mentor's evolving knowledge base of qualitative inquiry, becomes the vehicle for instructive mentoring to take shape. This narrative highlights the struggles and the triumphs of grappling with the clarification and understanding of qualitative methodology.

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