The Rhinoceros: A Women's Studies Finale

  • Christina Geerts Missouri State University
  • Carol L. Langer Missouri State University


A student describes her experience in one of the first courses she takes in college, an introduction to women's studies.  The course setting was a Colorado regional comprehensive university with a student population of 5,000.  This introductory course is a survey course, and as such, covers many areas of oppression and discrimination.  The student tells her story alongside the instructor's narrative as they move together through the course, getting to know each other better.  The student relates her personal experience of difference and strength.  The instuctor relates her surprise at the final project chosen by the student and shares a thoughtful reminder of being non-judgemental.

Author Biographies

Christina Geerts, Missouri State University
MSW Candidate, School of Social Work, Missouri State University
Carol L. Langer, Missouri State University
Director, School of Social Work. Missouri State University
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