Possible Selves: The Benefits of Interprofessional, Interagency Collaboration


  • Pamela A. Viggiani
  • Ellen Contopidis
  • Dawn Vogler Elias
  • Jennie I. Schaff
  • Nuala S. Boyle


interprofessional collaboration, interagency collaboration, possible selves


This article presents a discussion of interprofessional and interagency collaborative teams that formed to create and implement a post-secondary campus based transition program (CBTP) for individuals with developmental disabilities. The article examines the collaboration and highlights the benefits for stakeholders. It explores the non-summativity and the synergy that resulted from participation in a collaborative team. The article suggests that the collaborative model and the CBTP program allow for the imagining of possible selves for all collaborative partners and program participants.




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Viggiani, P. A., Contopidis, E., Elias, D. V., Schaff, J. I., & Boyle, N. S. (2017). Possible Selves: The Benefits of Interprofessional, Interagency Collaboration. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 19(4), 28–35. Retrieved from https://reflectionsnarrativesofprofessionalhelping.org/index.php/Reflections/article/view/1592