Calculated Decisions Entwined in Fate: Reflections as a Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Student

  • Jennifer Maurici Fordham University
Keywords: child welfare workforce, Title IV-E, stipend program, turnover, recruitment, retention


Collaborations between schools of social work education and public child welfare agencies have been used as a strategy to improve retention and professionalize the child welfare workforce for approximately 40 years. Funding for these collaborations is provided by Title IV-E of the Social Security Act and can be used to assist current child welfare workers in obtaining their BSW or MSW or to attract social work students to the field of child welfare. This narrative documents my journey, experiences, and insights as a Title IV-E MSW student. It compares my experiences to what the IV-E literature suggests about retention and professionalization within the child welfare workforce and provides recommendations for improving the program.

Author Biography

Jennifer Maurici, Fordham University
Social Work Doctoral Student